Rotoscope Project

Wednesday Nov 6

For what I did today, I wrote out my story for my rotoscope project. It is a short story about a boy with a plant wanting to take it outside until the unexpected weather happens.I am planning to do this at home with my brother.

Friday Nov 8

For what I did today, I drew down the storyboard to demonstrate the scenes of my Rotoscope Project

Wednesday Nov 13

For what I did this day I practiced by editing another video. I will record the required video for my own rotoscope project in a different mobile device. This is because my own phone doesn’t record any more videos, so I will borrow my brother’s phone and record in there instead. He will share the video with me so I can start my rotoscope project.

Our Social Contract

A Social Contract is on an agreement that the class creates to help build mutual respect.The students create responses that are recorded and then signs the contract to claim that is how they want to be treated and how they will treat others.

How do I want to be treated by you, the teacher?

  • Having my own space to work independently
  • Honesty
  • Patience
  • treated fairly
  • Respect

How do you think I, the teacher, wants to be treated by you the student?

  • Being matured
  • Professional
  • Productive
  • Quality work
  • Cordial

How should we treat each other in this classroom?

  • With respect
  • Equity
  • Kindness
  • Understanding
  • Helpful
  • Thoughtful
  • Open-minded
  • Positive
  • Aware

How should we handle problems that come between us?

  • Losing interest in class, learning ownership skills
  • Turning assignments/projects in time,always turn in on the 8th week
  • Fights,always handle the aggressor first or don’t try to participate